10 Facts About the Ancient Celtic Warriors

One of the most prominent and vital points about the ancient Celtic people were that they were fearsome warriors. They are notorious for their flawless skill in creating and making chariots. Known for their incredibly muscular physique and their height, the Celts are famous for the fear that they invoke in their enemies. The fighting style that Celtic warriors display are known to show unchecked skill. On the battlefield, the Celtic are wild and savage, giving their enemies a reason to fear them. The Greeks called them ‘Keltoi’ and considered them to be one of the four barbaric races.

High Chieftains, Nobles, and Magistrates

One of the remarkable actualities about the Fierce Celtic warriors is that they were ruled and governed by kings and high chieftains. Dual authorities would sometimes share the power that these positions held. Magistrates were similar to Roman consuls and wielded only nominal control. The combined effort of all these positions and a small group of nobles to issue orders made the Celtic one of the most feared enemies on the battlefield.

Men of Art

Even though they were originally branded with the barbarian tag, the Celtic are actually ‘men of art.’ They held this title in high regard. Druids in ancient Ireland were also referred to as ‘men of art’ which allowed them special privileges from the nobles and the ruling class. People with positions including, blacksmithing, metalworking, and artisans were heralded as ‘men of art.’


The Celtic society is split into three different categories. The nobles, the free-men retainers, and the common folk. The common people of Celtic society enjoyed much better standards than that of the Mediterranean slaves that were also present. The societal scope was designed in such a way that each of the categories was connected; this system was based on clientage. Ordinary folk would find that pledging their loyalty and allegiance to higher ranking political superiors in exchange for security. However, pledging loyalty was a serious matter, and being dishonest or breaking those vows would not be taken lightly.

Celtic Warfare and Mercenaries

Some of the most prominent and well-known facts about the Celtic were the warfare that they took part in. One of the best-known facts about the ancient Celtic society was that it was based on mutual appreciation and dedication for physical security. The Celtic regularly took part in activities such as slave traiding, clan-based warfare, and cattle rustling. These were considered to be low-intensity warfares and were training exercises for young warriors. The training not only prepared the novices for fighting but also built their psychological awareness for battle.

Wealth and Prestige

The hierarchy of the Celtic society discovered this solution. It was inspired by the prestige if the chieftain. The amount of wealth determined the prestige that the chieftain or leader possessed. Wealth could be acquired through endeavors such as raiding and ranging and even striking warfare among other lands. Previous combats with Rome, Greece, and Egypt have allowed the Celtic to become extremely prestigious and wealthy, further advancing their society.