Anne Jefferies and The Fairies – Famous Celtic Stories

Celtic mythology is made up of several stories and folklore. One of the best documented and unique folktales is the story of Anne Jefferies and the Fairies. The story involves the life of a human called Anne Jefferies and her dealing with fairies. The story is prevalent and was widespread. Anne Jefferies hails from Cornwall in England, and sources of her existence are described in a letter from March 1647. The message was found in the Clarendon Manuscripts.

The Background of Anne Jefferies

Coming from Cornwall, England, Anne was born in St. Teath in 1626. She was born to a laborer who was very poor. Anne was a curious girl who was bright but had never learned how to read. Being unable to read was a widespread occurrence for people at the time. There are several tales about Anne being fascinated by fairies and pixies. She would often go out after dusk in search of fairies and singing a fairy song.

Anne went to work at the home of Moses Pitt when she was 19 years old. She encountered a convulsion and fell to the ground when she was knitting one afternoon. She was taken ill to her bedroom by the people in the family and remained there for a while. She was unconscious for a while and then when she finally came to, she had a fascinating story to tell everyone who surrounded her.

Anne’s Mysterious Story

Anne recites the story of what happened before she fell to the ground and starts with talking about how she was enjoying her afternoon knitting. Suddenly she heard a loud noise and then six very tiny men were dressed in green and hiding in the bushes. They had bright eyes and had a leader who had a red feather on his cap. She encouraged the little men to climb onto her palm and placed them on her lap. The men started kissing her and were giving her a lot of attention. Suddenly she felt a sharp puncture on her neck and then blacked out, completely.

By the time she understood what was happening, she was carried by the men and then set down in some place. She was in a weird land filled with temples, palaces, gardens, lakes and beautiful singing birds. She was in a magical land where people were dancing and playing all around. The men tried to attack her, but the leader of the five men who brought her to the place tried to protect her and was injured. She was again blinded and felt herself being lifted in the air again. When she woke up, she was back where she was knitting and lying on the ground.

Side Effects from Her Adventure

Anne is said to have developed several supernatural abilities after the episode. Her ability as a clairvoyant is what stands out the most. She stopped eating as she said to have found nourishment with the food of the fairies themselves. She was able to provide healing powers as well and helped her mistress when her leg was injured too. All of these were recited in a letter that Moses Pitt had written.