The Enduring Leprechauns of Celtic Mythology

An Irish fable is never complete without the appearance of the old man in a red or the green coat. The Leprechauns are a small entity that is known for their mischief. The little green men also keep their gold stored away in pots and are crafty shoemakers. Even the old saying that there is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow comes from Celtic mythology. The one holding the container at the end of the rainbow are the leprechauns. The leprechaun is like a genie in Celtic mythology. When you catch one, he grants you three wishes after which you will need to let him go. They are regarded as lucky charms with a few whimsical elements attached to his character. Truly, fun and fantastic personality indeed.

How the Leprechaun Came to Be

The legend of the leprechaun goes as far as the 8th century. They were initially regarded as water spirits that went by the name Luchorpan meaning ‘tiny body.’ The little men got together with fairies in the house and began taking a liking to drink a lot. If there was a village cellar, rest assured, that it would never be safe if a leprechaun were around. Over time, the true character of the leprechaun transformed and morphed into the one that is remembered today. The meaning of the word ‘Leprechaun’ comes from an Irish word that means ‘Shoemaker.’ Indeed, the leprechauns that we know popularly today are expected to be master shoemakers who come up with some of the most fantastic shoe designs fit for the Celtic lifestyle.

When looking at the mythological side of things, these little men are said to bring immense wealth in the form of gold even though their primary specialty is supposed to be in the footwear industry. Children all over the world though keep the myth alive with their claims of heading to the end of the rainbow to get the pot of gold.

The Story of The Pot with Gold Coins

The gold coins in the pot are by far the most important myths that the leprechaun is known for that is very popular. The only reason anyone would even go to the end of the rainbow or attempt to do so is a far-fetched cry. However, the cute little myth exists to give hope and add a bit of humor to the Celtic festivals where the intoxicated vow to find the non-existent end of the rainbow. Have you ever wondered why a leprechaun has so much of gold coins in his possession? Well, as researchers and myth might have it, it is believed that it possibly could be part of their trickery to get humans to release them or to play mischief.

As time has passed, the story of the leprechaun has almost wholly changed which annoys the celts to no end. The once, fun and wish-fulfilling little man is now regarded as a scary evil character who might harm humans, as depicted by American movies. In reality, the leprechaun is a fun and an import part of Irish folklore.